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  • Lowry Location:
  • 200 Spruce Street,
  • Suite 100
  • Denver, CO 80230
  • 303.394.2828
  • 303.320.0242 fax
  • Lone Tree Location:
  • 9695 South Yosemite Street,
  • Suite 120
  • Lone Tree, CO 80124
  • 303.394.2828
  • 303.703.0169 fax


Regular office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Service departments may have extended hours.
For your convenience, below are contact numbers should you require these services. Please dial our main number of (303) 394-2828 with the following extension:
For Medical Records Requests:     ext.232
          Infusion Services:                  ext. 119
          All Other Services:                 ext. 147
Prescription Refill Requests:        ext. 160


When you wish to schedule an appointment, please call (303) 394-2828, Option 4, and you will be given the next available appointment with your doctor. If you feel it is urgent, please state this when you call. X-ray, bone density exams and infusions are available any time, including the day of your office visit.


Test Results: You will be contacted if diagnostic results require a change in therapy. Normal or borderline results, or results that require detailed explanation, will be discussed at your next clinic visit. If you cannot wait until your follow-up visit, please call and ask to schedule a nurse visit to come in and review.

General questions or new problems: A telephone call can never replace an office evaluation of a problem. Brief questions to clarify confusion can be answered over the phone. New symptoms or complex questions will require a visit.


If you think you are experiencing a potentially life threatening situation, Call 911. For urgent rheumatologic problems after hours or on weekends, call: (303) 394-2828 and ask for the physician on call. For all other problems, call the office during normal hours to schedule an appropriate appointment.

Names Phone #

Alan Spidel, CFO

(303) 302-7348
Martha Ferraro
Assistant Administrator
(303) 302-7349
Carol Rendon
Business Office Manager
(303) 302-7350
Barb Schmaltz
Clinical Office Manager
(303) 302-7400