Our Providers

Barbara Goldstein, M.D.
I believes that patient education and development of a strong patient-physician relationship can optimize care.
Gregory Barron, M.D.
Rheumatology is a fascinating specialty that is rapidly progressing
Tara Kennedy, FNP-BC
I was drawn to rheumatology because I enjoy establishing relationships with patients.
Annemarie Whiddon, M.D.
I finished my rheumatology training program in 2008 and am thrilled to be back in Colorado with Denver Arthritis Clinic.
Kim Nguyen Tyler, M.D.
I chose the field of rheumatology because it is thought-provoking, requires finely tuned physical exam and history-taking skills and allows me to develop lifelong relationships with my patients.
Stephen Murphy, M.D.
I am proud to have joined the excellent team at Denver Arthritis Clinic in 2009. I invite new patients to find out how we can work together to provide relief through highly personalized and collaborative care.
Mark Malyak, M.D.
Prior to joining Denver Arthritis Clinic, I was an assistant professor at the University of Colorado-Denver for six years pursuing laboratory research in the basic science of rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune disorders.
Rennie Howard, MD
I realized that I truly chose a career for which I have great passion
Kenneth Glassman, M.D.
Dr. Glassman is actively involved in patient care, as well as clinical research, which has resulted in the FDA approval of many new drugs currently available to treat arthritis and osteoporosis.
Timothy Gensler, M.D.
Arthritic and autoimmune conditions are serious medical problems that require careful monitoring and management to maintain a good quality of life for the patient and to minimize the chance of disability.
Vance Bray, M.D.
I entered the field of rheumatology because I enjoy long-term relationships with my patients.
Ryan Antolini, M.D.
I joined Denver Arthritis Clinic in 2008 after completing my fellowship in rheumatology at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.