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3rd Party Infusions for Referring Providers or Outside DAC Infusions

Infusion Therapy For Referred Patients

The Denver Arthritis Clinic is proud to offer injection and infusion services for patients of referring providers!

Our state of the art Infusion center offers:

  • 3-1 RN to patient ratio
  • On-site physician monitoring
  • Oversized Chairs
  • Wireless internet
  • Healthy snacks and beverages

With site of care insurance modifications, the DAC is now scheduling patients who can no longer infuse/inject at a hospital based infusion center. We will provide the therapies and you will continue as  the patient’s provider, ensuring that your patient’s care is never interrupted.

If you’re interested in referring to us, download our referral form below! We’ll need the following materials from your office:

  • Patient demographics
  • Insurance information
  • Order
  • Dosing instructions with diagnosis and code
  • Recent chart notes and lab results
  • DEXA report